Raw Materials

Raw Materials

largest supplier in China of raw materials for the steel-making industries

China's largest nationwide supplier of raw materials for the metallurgical industry and also the largest steel trading company, having formed a complete chain in the industry. Minmetals has reserves of 600 million tons of iron ore and 250 million tons of coking coal. The company is among the nation's largest exporters of coke, coal, ferroalloys and refractory materials and largest importer of iron ore, Manganese ore vessels for demolition and steel scraps.

Minmetals is the largest supplier in China for raw materials for the steel-making industries and industrial minerals both in China and abroad. Major commodities handled by Minmetals include the following:

  • Iron ore
  • Coke
  • Coal
  • Manganese ore
  • Ferroalloys
  • Steel scrap
  • Billet
  • Slab
  • others

Minmetals also deals in the business of complete sets of equipment for the metallurgical and mining industries. The strategic target of Minmetals for the steel-making industry is to transform from a traditional trading arm into the largest systematic and integrated supplier of raw materials for steel industries internationally.

Another core business of Minmetals Australia is iron ore trading. We are able to handle all types of iron ores with varying grades

  • Hematite ore
  • Limonite ore
  • Magnetite ore